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    Temperature measuremen

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    Temperature measuremen

Training event Temperature measurement in practice

We offer you the opportunity to conduct our seminars on weekdays in our company, but also as in-house training on your premises.<br/> Please contact Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Neumann (telephone: +49 (0) 2331/3501-14) or Michael Prang (telephone: +49 (0) 2331/3501-25).

1. Fundamentals of temperature measurement technology
The temperature concept
Physical basics
Temperature scale measuring and recording devices

2. Temperature sensors models
Contact sensors
Resistance thermometers
Thermocouple assemblies (centre of gravity)
Non-contact temperature measurement technology

3. Calibration technology for temperature sensors
Definition of the term “calibration”
Methods and calibration equipment

Fundamentals of the standard DIN EN ISI/IEC 17025
Measurement accuracy, measurement uncertainty
Factory calibrations / calibrations according to DAkkS

4. Fundamentals of the standards DIN EN 60751 and DIN EN 60584

5. Practical examples
Measuring circuits
Error influencing factors
Discussion of exemplary test setups in the calibration laboratory of RECKMANN GMBH

6. Discussion / exchange of experiences

Training method:
Lecture with Powerpoint presentation
Duration of the lecture approx. 4-5 hours (+ discussion, answering questions)
The presentation will be made available as a printed version for each participant.

Conducted by:
Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Neumann
(Head of the Calibration Laboratory of RECKMANN GMBH)

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Herbert Neumann

Head of Calibration Laboratory

Telephone: +49 (0) 2331 3501-14
E-mail: neumann@reckmann.de