The standard warranty amounts to 12 months after the delivery date taking into consideration the following conditions:

Each delivery has to be checked for damages immediately after receipt of the merchandise. The deadline for this verification amounts to 1 week after receipt of the material. A written notification has to be sent to the company RECKMANN GmbH in case of a damage. Claims after this deadline cannot be accepted.

In case of justified defects of the delivered contractual articles which have been claimed within the warranty time, RECKMANN GmbH will repair or replace the defected articles free of charge. However, the warranty is excluded if the contractual articles have been handled, transported, stocked or installed improperly or if the remedy of defects had been done by the customer or by a third party. The warranty is also excluded concerning the natural age of the thermocouples due to an increased wear and tear of the articles caused by the operation conditions or if the articles had not been used as described within the framework of the operating conditions for the contractual articles.

The defected contractual articles will have to be returned to the company RECKMANN GmbH upon request. Should the return delivery not take place within 4 weeks or should it result after the delivery, that the company RECKMANN GmbH is not responsible for the defect, RECKMANN GmbH can invoice the delivered exchanged articles including the packing and transport costs to the customer.

All warranty claims lapse after one year after the delivery of the contractual articles. All other claims by the customer, in particular handling costs, installations costs, costs of downtime or damages which do not concern the contractual articles are excluded if legally permissible.