Large thermocouple model AKK similar to DIN EN 50446
straight thermocouple with ceramic protection tube, metallic holding tube, connection head in Form A, high-grade TC and rolled  platinum sleeve

  • Process connection via holding tube with separate stop flange, gas-tight threaded socket or welded-on flange.
  • Area of application: Glass industry.
  • Measuring range up to 1600°C depending on thermocouple and alloy of Pt sleeve.
  • PT ceramic of C 799, preferred diameter 12.7 mm with Pt sleeve Ø 13.7 mm.
  • 1, 2 or 3 thermocouples according to DIN EN 60584-1, with different optional installation heights.
  • Advantage: Good service life, Pt-PT protected against "falling down" and suitable as matrix measurement for recording the exact temperature distribution directly in the liquid glass.
  • Recycling the precious metals reduces the cost of replacement.

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TC with ceramic protection tube, neck tube, noble TC wire and rolled Platinium tip
Norminal length NL (4 digits) e.g. 0710 = 710 mm
with 4 digits e.g. 80 = 0080 mm
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