EAC Certification

Certified temperature sensors for the Russian Customs Union

The EAC-certification confirms officially that a product corresponds to the harmonized technical prescriptions of the Euroasian economic union (EAEU). The certificate assures the producers, who export in the region of the EAEU,  that their products correspond to the prescriptions and norms of the destination country. The EAC-certification can only be done by independent certified authorities, who have been accredited by a member country of the EAEU.

Background of the EAC certification

The background of the EAC certification was the aim of the Russian government to adapt the specification of the technical products to European standards. Also the former Gost certificates have been replaced by differents certifications according to the technical rules and standards (TR). After the foundation of the Russian customs union in October 2007 between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus (later also between Armenia and Kyrgyzstan), the rules and standards have been extended to TR CU (technical standards and rules for the customs union «технический регламент таможеного союза»). The import of products of so-called third party countries is from now on only possible with the corresponding proofs concerning the conformity of these products to the prescriptions of  the customs union (EAC certification), that means only with an admission of a certification authority for TR CU.

Easy and safe handling of the EAC-certification by the company RECKMANN GmbH

With reference to exports into the Euroasian economic union, a lot of companies have uncertainties if all prescriptions have been fulfilled – even if the EAC certification has the aim to create uniform standards.

The company RECKMANN GMBH offers you the possibility to export all temperature sensors corresponding to the prescriptions to the countries of the Russian customs union by using our present EAC-certification (EAC  RU C_DE.HA67.B.00042_19) and the so-called clearance certificate.

Customs tariff numbers are composed according to the uniform product Nomenclature of the Customs Cooperation Council (TN WED TS) and on basis of the uniform duty rate of the customs union ( resolution no. 54 of July 16, 2012).

Do you still have questions concerning the EAC-certification? Please contact us!

We offer you the complete consulting beginning with the planification and development of your installations with reference to temperature sensors and their EAC-certification. Our sales specialists for the export and our product management are at your disposal for all questions concerning the EAC-certification.


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