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2. Thermocouple Assembly Measuring Circuit (Schematic Diagram)

Figure 1 contains schematic diagrams with external / internal reference junction





  • With internal reference junction

a. Measuring point: Junction of the two different metals in the thermocouple
b. Thermocouple
c. Connection point: Junction between thermocouple and compensating cable
d. Compensating cable: Has the same thermoelectric properties as the thermocouple, up to 200°C
e. External reference junction: At a constant temperature (e.g. 0°C or 50°C)
f. Copper cable: Connection cable between the external reference junction and the measuring instrument.
g. Adjustable resistor (is only required for measurement equipment with low-impedance input, such as moving coil indicators without amplifiers)
h. Measuring instrument for measuring circuits with external reference junctions (e.g. controller or slider)
i. Measuring equipment with internal reference junction, such as:
     • controllers whose clamp temperature is measured internally and then converted to an auxiliary voltage, which  standardizes the thermocouple assembly signal.
     • Transmitter (mV or 0/4-20mA) with downstream instrument (e.g. controller)

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