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... for our customers:

Ever since Reckmann GmbH was founded, its paramount objective has been to manufacture and sell only high-quality products that reflect the state-of-the-art technology and meet customer requirements, with the aid of motivated employees using modern production/testing facilities. This self-imposed quality obligation and our experience of more than fourty-years in temperature measurement and control technology have enabled us to succeed in achieving a prominent market position. In line with the aspiration to continue to guarantee the highest degree of quality to our customers in future and not only to cement the reputation of our company and related market position, but to enhance it further, we introduced a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 across our entire company as early as May 1995. In addition, we would like to fulfil our customers’ requirements by maintaining a very close partnership with them, demonstrating that customers can rely on us and that we deserve their trust.

for our employees :

We want the products supplied to our customers to be used by them without difficulty and not to give any cause for complaint. High-quality, faultless products therefore not only serve our customers, they also serve to secure jobs in our company in the longer term and therefore the livelihoods of our employees. Quality cannot subsequently be instilled in a product by means of testing, but needs, from the very outset, to be planned, controlled and manufactured accordingly. All employees of Reckmann GmbH are therefore jointly responsible for the quality of our products


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Company's objectives

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Company's objectives

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