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3. Configuration of Thermocouple Assemblies

A thermocouple assembly consists simply of a metal (outer) protection tube, the connection head, in which a ceramic connection base is mounted, and the thermocouple that is connected to the base and fitted to the protection tube. The outer protection tube diameter is usually 15 to 26mm (standard diameters 15 and 22mm). Within the protection tube, the thermocouple wires are insulated both from one another and from the protection tube by means of ceramic insulation tubes / a ceramic insulation rod. In addition, Reckmann GmbH can, on request, also fit a gas-tight ceramic inner protection tube. Figure 2 below shows the basic configuration of a thermocouple assembly with the above-mentioned individual components. Depending on operating conditions (e.g. at temperatures above approx. 1200°C), a ceramic protection tube that is fitted to a metal stay tube in the area of the connection head is used instead of the metal (outer) protection tube.

Figure 2: Presentation and configuration of a thermocouple assembly:


a. Connection head
b. Connection base with feeder clamps
c. Metal protection tube (where appropriate, ceramic protection tube, which is fitted to a metal stay tube in the area of the connection head)
d. Ceramic inner protection tube
e. Ceramic insulation tube (a ceramic insulation rod is used for noble metal thermocouples with a wire diameter of 0.5 / 0.35mm)
f. Base thermocouple (wire diameter usually: 1.38 / 2.0 / 3.0mm)
g. Measuring point (junction of the two thermocouple wires)

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